ECQA Global Professional Quality Control Service
The company adheres to the tenet of quick response, professional service, strict control, fair and objective customer service.

Provide inspection report within 24 hours

On-site certification audit service to help customers identify suitable suppliers.

Professional on-site sampling.


Supervise the loading process to ensure that the loading is correct.

Provide professional testing consulting services
We are more professional and better service.
Serve more than 40 countries and regions around the world
More than 1000 professional inspectors
Arrange service for 1 hour at the earliest and issue report 24 hours at the earliest
30 years experience in inspection service
Customer service one-to-one communication
Professional customer service feedback problems in time to control risks.
No travel expenses
No travel expenses, control costs.
Customize the appropriate quality scheme
Suitable quality scheme to better solve the problem.

Service Category

ECQA global inspection service covers a full range of products.
- Furniture and Appliances -
- Consumer goods -
- Hardware -
- Textile and Clothing -
- Food and Toys -
- Luggage and Shoes -
- Cosmetic Products -
- Gift and Handicrafts -
Scope of Service
More than 1000 professional inspectors serving more than 40 countries and regions around the world
Inspection of air fryers in Zhongshan City

Final inspection —— The safety of electrical products involves the lives and property of consumers. Professional electrical inspectors can effectively find product safety problems and avoid unnecessary losses caused by customers after sales.
Wallet inspection in India

Final inspection —— The inspection of leather products, the smell is also a big checkpoint, the smell is relatively large in the case will receive a lot of consumer complaints.
Clothing inspection in Tanzania

Final inspection
In the factory in Tanzania, Africa, our local inspectors can effectively communicate with the factory and seriously implement the inspection process.
Cosmetics inspection in Italy

Final inspection
QC, which we recruited in Italy, has rich experience in cosmetics inspection, finds out potential product problems, and provides a strong guarantee for customers' reputation.
Inspection of meal mats in America

Final inspection
In a factory in the United States, our customers have a batch of mattresses ready to be shipped. Let's arrange for QC to inspect them.
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No matter where you have inspection needs, we can serve you.
ECQA inspection service is very professional, the dispatched QC is very experienced in inspection, strong execution.
The speed of feedback on ECQA inspection is very fast, and it will be reported as soon as the problem is found.
ECQA inspection is really conscientious, finding problems and giving reasonable solutions at the same time.
E-commerce buyer.
Manager Cheng
Trading company.
Mr. Wu
Brand merchant.
Mr. Yu
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We are able to do every kind of Quality assurance. Audit, Inspection, Sample testing etc. Our Team is located and available in whole Asia.